Our Work

You may know us for our spiritual services and celebrations. They take place throughout our community every day of the year. What you may not know is that in addition to gathering in our 225 churches, our Catholic community is hard at work.


There are more than 500 Catholic schools within our archdiocese.Education

There are more than 500 Catholic schools within our archdiocese. Elementary, secondary and post-secondary institutions give us an opportunity to walk with our family of faith throughout the journey.

To find out more about our involvement in Catholic education, visit some of our educational partners online.

We have Good News to share with you, and there's no final exam. You can even decide how much homework you want to do.


Health Care

Catholic health care providers deliver a unique blend of care and caring, centred on the whole person - body, mind and spirit. We're dedicated to enriching the care experience for all those we serve, as we live out the values of compassion, dignity and respect, as inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus.

We serve in hospitals and senior centres, and visit those who struggle with various health issues. People of all faiths have been touched by the healing ministry we provide. Jesus was the ideal teacher to set the example for us, and we've been following it for hundreds of years in our community.

The Catholic Health Association of Ontario has more information about Catholic health care. There is no health card required.


Charity & Social Services

Where we can help, we will be there.There are so many in our community that need our support. There is someone in your neighbourhood trying to get back on their feet, or looking for a simple meal. There are families trying to cope with addictions and couples in need of counseling.

Quietly, in our cities, we continue to provide frontline care for the poor and marginalized. Our social services, and the charitable partners who support their work, are here to strengthen our community.

If you know of someone who needs assistance or would like to learn more about our response to helping the whole community, take a moment to visit a few of our charitable partners online.

Where we can help, we'll be there.